Blaak Fashion for Men-

The designer duo Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif are the creators of the award winning fashion cult label- Blaak. The collection is highly wearable, masculine, playing with juxtaposition of elements and silhouettes and perfection in every thread and every seam. Premium materials, supreme cuts, and genius design combine to create a collection that exhibits a distinctive look blended with a casual style. The line manufactures apparel and fashion accessories for men.

Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif, both are graduated from London’s Central St. Martins School of Art & Design. In 1998, as contemplation on thesis around the colour black they founded the brand Blaak. Their color palette has expanded, but they still design a lot of clothes based on the non-color. Both are masters of cutting and tailoring techniques and their fabric of choice are leather and knit, though they also work well with other types of fabric.

Before graduating they are making an immediate impact selling the first collection to Browns as well to Liberty, Maria Luisa and Barneys. Three time winner of new generation award, Elle Style Young Designer of the Year Award 2002, and Vidal Sassoon Cutting Edge Talent Award 2001. Fall 2001 is their first scheduled show at London Fashion Week and part of the New Generation Designers sponsored by Marks & Spencer. In 2008 they opened their first Blaak store in London called ’’The Old Curiosity Shop’ in London.